Massage Therapy

Casa Natal is pleased to offer regular massage on site.  You may choose from prenatal massage, or ongoing  massage after baby for both mother and father.  Whether it's a relaxing pregnancy massage, to help with your physical training, or recovering from a sports event or injury, you know you'll be in the best hands.  We are currently offering the following massage services.

​Regular massage during pregnancy can improve circulation, reduce pain, discomfort  and swelling, and promote general well being.  Massage can help alleviate pregnancy aches and pains, prepare the body for birth, or help it rebalance postpartum.


Prenatal or Postnatal Massage

60 - 90 Min

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

60 - 90 Min

Body Work

60 - 90 Min

1 hour massage with Myofascial Release

90  Min


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About our therapist Barb Silvester:

Barb Silvester is from Orange County, NY. She began practicing yoga in New York City in 1995, around the same time she decided to give up her career in investment banking to pursue her passion and become a massage therapist. Barb moved to Sydney, Australia to attend Nature Care College where she acquired two diplomas: remedial massage and lymphatic drainage. Her initial passion in using massage was to work with pre/postnatal women as well as people living with cancer.


Within several months of returning to the States, she opened Bodhi Bliss, a center for yoga and massage, in Milford, PA. Barb taught yoga, certified yoga teachers and massaged clients during all stages of their lives. She also massaged for Hospice doing lymphatic drainage and myofascial release. Barb has applied the myofascial release technique to dozens of c-section scars, scars from cancer surgeries and damaged skin from radiation.


Barb has long been passionate about the wonders and challenges of pregnancy, and going through the process herself clarified her resolve to help other women benefit from the techniques she facilitates. Barb has a 4 year old son and 1 year old daughter. Her own pregnancies and births helped he find greater understanding to the complex and unique experiences that lie within the stages of pregnancy, loss, birth and the awakening of oneself after birth and in their new role of motherhood.


Barb is very passionate about the human body and its willingness to continuously rebalance itself.  She truly enjoys helping people through life's experiences.