Massage Therapy

Casa Natal is pleased to offer regular massage on site.  You may choose from prenatal massage, or ongoing  massage after baby for both mother and father.  Whether it's a relaxing pregnancy massage, to help with your physical training, or recovering from a sports event or injury, you know you'll be in the best hands.  We are currently offering the following massage services.

​Regular massage during pregnancy can improve circulation, reduce pain, discomfort  and swelling, and promote general well being.  Massage can help alleviate pregnancy aches and pains, prepare the body for birth, or help it rebalance postpartum.


Prenatal or Postnatal Massage

60 - 90 Min

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

60 - 90 Min

Body Work

60 - 90 Min

1 hour massage with Myofascial Release

90  Min


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