New Dads Class

This class is designed to promote soon-to-be Dad’s to ask questions about their upcoming births.  In this guys-only setting, Dad’s can ask questions that they might otherwise avoid when in other classes with their partners and get straight answers in terms that Dad’s can understand.  It is a comfortable mix of academics and conversation to deliver learning with real-life experience. Class taught by Tim Lynch, dad of four and husband of experienced doula and childbirth educator, Tracie Lynch.



  1. Leading up to the Due Date

  2. Preparing for Birth

  3. Signs of Labor

  4. Stages of Labor and how to handle it

  5. When to call the midwife/When to go to the Hospital

  6. Questions to ask when intervention is being presented/Special Circumstances

  7. Dad’s Cheat-sheet

  8. What to expect from the midwife/hospital after birth

  9. The two golden hours (first two hours after birth)

  10. The first few days of a new baby

  11. The first two weeks after birth

  12. Breastfeeding

  13. Postpartum Sex

  14. Communication

  15. Open Q&A