Care with a midwife is fundamentally different than with the typical OB.  We use evidence based care and informed consent in our practice so that you feel confident through each phase of pregnancy, birth and the post partum period.  We believe that you and your family are the best decision makers for your body and your baby and that midwives are your guides and educators through this process.  We assess for health and safety of mom and baby throughout pregnancy, labor, and birth and if a higher-risk situation arises assist women in a transfer to medical care.



During hour long prenatals, your midwife will take the time to talk with you, giving individualized education and counseling to build a trusting relationship. We offer all lab work, prenatal testing and ultrasound if you so choose.  We also offer many forms of holistic care for the typical pregnancy ailments.



We will attend your birth either at your home, or at the birth center.  During your birth you and your newborn will receive nurturing, hands-on care, with minimal technological interventions.  The mutual trust relationship that was established during your prenatal care will continue through to your birth, which fosters your sense of confidence in yourself and your body.  Your birth will be attended by your own chosen midwife as well as a second call midwife to assist.



After the birth of your baby, your midwives will stay with you until both you and your baby are ready to settle in to sleep.  If you are in the birth center, a postpartum doula or nurse will be on hand for baby care and breastfeeding support until you go home.  All mothers and babies receive a 24 hour and a 72 hour check up to ensure wellness and offer breastfeeding support if needed, as well as ongoing support by phone and a 6 week office follow up visit.  



In addition to maternity care, we offer continued well woman services for annual exams and family planning.



Insurance will most likely cover a portion of your birth.  If you have a PPO plan that allows you to see "Out of Network" practitioners, you will likely only have to pay your deductible.  A verification of your coverage by our medical biller will give you an estimate of your out of pocket costs.  Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept Medi-Cal plans.

Images courtesy of Santa Cruz Birth Photography