Childbirth Education

Are you interested in HypnoBirthing for your upcoming birth?​

Join us for a comprehensive childbirth education class that will use hypnosis, deep relaxation and guided meditation techniques to help you prepare for and use during labor. Countless women around the world have successfully achieved the gentle, calm birth they imagined for themselves and their babies using this gentle relaxing method of childbirth preparation. 


This five week series is designed specifically for homebirth and birth center couples, and will be offered in the warm and welcoming space of Casa Natal. Tracie and Vanessa each used HypnoBirthing techniques at their own homebirths as well as being experienced HypnoBirthing teachers and Doulas.


Topics covered:

*  comfort measures and effective coping techniques using hypnosis, deep      relaxation and guided meditation

*  what to expect from HypnoBirthing when giving birth at home

*  signs and stages of labor, comfort measures and techniques for your birth          companions

*  how can HypnoBirthing help to ease the unexpected moments during your birth

    what is the role of a doula vs. the role of your midwife

*  and much more.